To the Editor,

The alarming increase in acts of hate toward Americans of Asian heritage over the last year highlights how important it is we in the Fox Cities work to create a welcoming and accepting community for ALL.

In 2019 a broad spectrum of over 3500 Fox Cities residents told Imagine Fox Cites researchers what they hoped would be the future for the place they call home — a two generation vision embracing future children and grandchildren. Of four components of the vision, one addressed our respect for each other as follows:

We imagine the Fox Cities as a place where we all belong; a place with a visible culture of caring, generosity, and compassion; a community where helping each other is habitual-as mentors, as neighbors, as volunteers….Newcomers feel welcome here; in fact, people from all walks, races, gender identities, and ages feel respected and included here…

This is our community aspiration — it calls on us all to build a base for belonging, step by step. It holds us accountable to challenge outliers, comfort those victimized, and stand together against hate.

As barriers to realizing the vision surface, they will require bold mitigation. Until then, and after, our vigilance and commitment to a place where we all belong and thrive will be a hallmark in the present and future life of the Fox Cities.”

– Walter Rugland


This is a personal message from Walter Rugland, as a reminder that the Vision is a commitment of the community to its future, and can serve any and all as a guide in our day-to-day lives. This letter is not an official statement from Imagine Fox Cities.