The Role

The role of IFC Influencers is to commit to continual learning about the IFC living vision and related grassroots, as well as organized efforts across the Fox Cities, and share this great work with their networks as a knowledge expert.



Specifically, the following are examples of responsibilities of IFC Influencers:

  • Watch for IFC “Influencer” communications and regularly check out IFC Influencer web page for IFC updates
  • Attend IFC Influencer info sessions/watch recorded zoom meetings as needed to stay on top of IFC happenings (possibly up to 1 hour commitment per month)
  • Use online Toolkit as needed resource for content.
  • Like/follow IFC channels and share IFC content on social media
  • Create your own social content around IFC happenings
    • Lift up examples of where people are Thriving, Struggling or Suffering, particularly as it relates to the four pillars of the IFC Vision
  • Encourage your networks to like/follow IFC channels
  • Allow your name and contact info be posted to IFC website, where people can contact you to learn more about IFC
  • Publicly demonstrate your engagement with IFC through, but not limited to:
    • custom digital badge and/or profile frame to use online (social media, email signature, etc.)
    • t-shirt, hat, stickers and pins to designate your involvement with IFC, especially at IFC supported events

Who should be an IFC Influencer?

Anyone who enjoys using social media to connect people across the Fox Cities would make a GREAT IFC Influencer including:

  • Fox Cities community members (professionals, retirees, volunteers, business owners, students [HS and College], stay-at-home parents, people involved in local associations, PTAs, etc.)
  • IFC committee members
  • People involved in multicultural/nonprofit/faith organizations
  • Community leaders from business, nonprofit and government sectors 

Current IFC Influencers

Edna Guerra, Consumer Engagement – U by Kotex, Poise, Depend
Twitter: @Pecosa2021 

Andrew Konkel, Resource Development Director – United Way Fox Cities
Email: [email protected]

Carrie Keenan, Sr. Director Content & Community – Brand Innovators
Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @CarrieJKeenan

Sara Montonati, Public Relations Specialist – Miron Construction
Email: [email protected] 

Sheng Lee Riechers, Sr. Communications Specialist – City of Appleton
Email: [email protected]