Let’s Talk About Social Status

Imagine Fox Cities is providing opportunities to have compassionate community conversations about the impact that social status has on our sense of belonging and wellbeing. This series of free conversation guides, developed by the IFC Belonging Committee, addresses the topics of class, privilege, bridging and allyship. These discussions will help people better understand the power dynamics at play in our everyday interactions in order to identify ways that we can use our influence to help create more just and inclusive communities in which everyone feels they belong.

The goals of our 90-minute four-guide conversations are to listen and share personal stories without judgement in order to create greater empathy and trust and to create a foundation upon which to act together to enhance the wellbeing of all members of our community.

Facilitator guides are provided below for those who wish to host a conversation, with more resources always being added. No prior training is needed to effectively use the guides. However, if people would like assistance in hosting and facilitating these conversations, volunteers are available.


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