Welcome to Imagine Fox Cities

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Creating a Community Where Everyone Belongs

As the Fox Cities saw a myriad of changes─a shifting economic landscape, rising poverty, and increased diversity─we came together to find ways for everyone to feel like they could thrive and belong.

Want to Help Communities Thrive? Invest in Residents Eager to Disrupt the Status Quo.

Something remarkable is happening in central Wisconsin. Thousands of people spanning political ideologies, races, ethnicities, incomes, and ages are working to create a place where all residents feel they belong and can thrive.

What It Takes To THRIVE

Imagine a community where kids get off to a strong start in life, our economy works for all, natural and cultural spaces connect us and everyone feels they belong.

An Invitation to Thrive

Did you miss the May 17th data launch? Watch it now on Vimeo.


Imagine Fox Cities is an inclusive community-wide initiative created to be intentional about shaping the future of the Fox Cities when it comes to well-being.

In October 2019, more than 300 people from across the Fox Cities participated in a Community Summit to hear about a new visioning effort called Imagine Fox Cities. Information about what was learned from a well-being survey and community conversations prior to the summit was shared, and revealed in the community’s living vision for the future.

In Summer 2021, Imagine Fox Cities once again conducted its well-being survey. Results were presented on May 17, 2022. A recording of the full presentation can be found here. For a deeper dive into the data, visit the data dashboard

During Strive to Thrive Week August 22-26, IFC united the Fox Cities to help advance the four pillars of the vision, which include:

  • Kids get off to a great start to life
  • An economy that works for all
  • Thriving natural and cultural spaces that bring us together
  • Everyone feels like they belong

From hands-on workshops to local events and guided site visits of place that connect us, our community showed up for one another in the most fantastic ways.